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jennifer and adam’s photodate in newburyport ma

We have so much in common with Jennifer and Adam! For instance, Jenn’s dad is a farmer. He owns a winery in Napa {very cool}. Mariah’s dad is a farmer too, he grows cranberries near Cape Cod. Jenn’s dad makes red wine with his grapes, and we love red wine! Adam loves photography and is quite talented! We love photography too {duh}. Adam’s other passion is cake, in particular cupcakes. No one loves cake as much as a snap girl, but Adam is pretty serious about his cake and I’d say given a few years he could probably surpass us in terms of cake love. It was a beautiful day in Newburyport for snapping. We went to a pretty park first and found some sweet open shade for our photos. Love Adam and Jenn’s save the date banner which they crafted together {too cute}. After warming up a bit in the park we hit the cobblestone streets of Newburyport. The icing on the cupcake? Why an actual cupcake of course! There are no photos of them however, we ate them so fast there was no time to document…


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