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ashley and evan’s photodate in boston

We met up with Ashley and Evan while they were in town for Ashley’s bridal shower. It was a busy weekend in Boston… the Bruins were playing, it was opening day at Fenway AND the Boston marathon was happening. Even with all the mayhem we managed to find some quiet nooks for photo-ing which made Evan really happy. It’s not cool to be taking schmoopy photos with your fiancee outside Fenway on opening day right Evan? Right! We steered clear of Fenway and schmooped it up in the park and in the neighborhood behind Beacon street which is absolutely dripping with character and photo ops. Speaking of character(s) … Ashley and Evan are  {characters that is}. What do you expect from a couple who met at work and had instant attraction yet mutual disdain for each other? Ashley says Evan made her do all the work and then tried to steal her client. Evan says Ashley tried to take the credit for his hard work and then tried to move in on his client. Hmm, a case of he said/ she said. This could have ended differently… but a little dinner, some wine, and Evan introducing Ashley to his super cute parents took them from disdain to devotion. They are tying the knot in July at Belle Mer. Can’t wait!

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